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Conference Theme

Raised Voices is the theme of the 2021 CARN Conference.

Raised Voices blends the concept of using action research to raise the voices of those who are seldom heard - be they pupils, patients, clients, participants or a community.

Raising our own voices to be heard as academics and practitioners by policy makers, other professionals or own participant themselves.

The theme will bring together academics and practitioners from education, community work and health and well being to focus on the action dimensions of research and the key issues that underpin our actions:

Power and empowerment;

  • How knowledge creation can be inclusive;
  • How the seldom heard can be heard;
  • How the seldom seen can be more visible;
  • Action for change in the individual and society;
  • How knowledge can lead to real change in the world


A key component for the CARN Conference 2020 will be the use of participatory video filmmaking to prepare the ground in the run up to the festival and focus attention on the four key themes for the festival; Community, Education, Health & Wellbeing and Qualitative Methodology.